Saturday, July 16, 2011


Author Gene N. McMurtry is pleased to announce the publication of his first Science Fiction novel eBook "Commodore Farmer" by AKW Books.

Mr. McMurtry was born on an auspicious day for writers. According to the book, The Secret Language of Birthdays by Goldschnider and Elffers, those born on his birthday are "enthusiastic storytellers."

His early life was pastoral. He spent his first years on a ranch in eastern Colorado and has strong ties to the earth. His family has been involved in farming for centuries, but he had his head in the clouds. As a young child he identified Sputnik moving across the sky.

He has a passion for Science Fiction, reading the genre for decades, watching Science Fiction movies, and now writing Science Fiction.

Gene is a science buff; often pondering how new scientific information will affect people and the future. As he enjoys meeting interesting people everywhere he goes, it was natural for him to write stories about science and people. He is a parent of seven and is a second cousin of author Larry McMurtry.

Mr. McMurtry has degrees in Biology and Human Nutrition. He works as a clinical Dietitian at a research hospital. His other passions are family and food.


In a distant galaxy, an unexpected marriage, royal intrigue and hostile forces shadow the exclusive path to new worlds brimming with immense resources.

Fueling the conflict are two planets fighting over a child who is an heir to both thrones. One man holds the key to his survival and the future of the galaxy. One monarchy wants the Commodore's help; the other wants him dead.

Who is this man and where is he?

The Federation is urgently seeking him. Will all the intelligence, integrity, technology and attention to detail he possesses enable him to do the impossible? He must evade his enemies, protect the child and save the Federation from totalitarian rule. All the while struggling to successfully fulfill his assignment of terra-forming a planet in record time.

Join Commodore Farmer and his forces in a complex and dangerous mission. Enjoy the tale with a twisting plot, powerful, scheming enemies and an unfathomable reward if he can succeed.

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